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About Future Trade Inc.


  • Established  by individuals with extensive experience in the wines and spirits industry, mainly to provide sales distribution and marketing services for consumer goods
  • Incorporated March 9,2000 and started operationsin June 2000 (appointed as exclusive distributor by Independent Liquor, a New Zealand based company)
  • Managed by professionals with vast experience with Fast Moving Consumer Goods



  • To provide effective and efficient National distribution in both On-Premise and Off-Premise channels
  • To provide quality and responsive customer service
  • To optimise business potential in the Philippine market for Wines, Spirits and other consumer goods by providing long-term brand building directions



1. World Class Selling - Development of Global standard selling program

2. Full Distributorship Program - Engineering of Sales reorganization and Distributor structure

3. Managing for Value - Management of business through focus on maximizing shareholder's returns

4. Key Account Management - Implemented Training program for the entire Asian region

5. On-Premise Brand Building - Launched multiple brands that eventually became market leaders

6. Route to Market - Pioneer program in the Philippine Industry, bringing the products to the consumers in the most effective and cost efficient way



A player with excellent past and present trade relationship, holds Brand building track record. Management team has over 40 years solid experience in the Wines and Spirits industry. Hands-on knowledge in Off and On trade channels and has strong capability when it comes in National distribution.


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